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God Said, The Church and The Christian Will be Persecuted…Why do Christians Persecute The Other Church and Other Christians? January 13, 2009

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This is something I am experiencing in my life at this very moment and others in my extended family as well.  I have come to the conclusion that the church I attend today is a better picture of what God has set before His Church to do.  So why, do people in the church you left, begin to persecute you and the new church you attend?  Are we not as Christians suppose to work together for the cause of Christ? 

These are issues we have heard and have been directly commented to about.  This is what they “think” our church (Crosspoint) is about.  Why do they not have their own “building”, this is a “cult”, a “drive in…drive right up to the movie theater”, this church is not “playing by the “rules” of Christianity.”

Oh, I never knew you had to have a steeple on top of your building…please someone find that scripture for me so that I can make sure I am within the “rules” of Christianity.  And the cult thing…ha…maybe we are a cult…a cult for Christ, (don’t have to explain myself there).  Or maybe I should, I would call us bondservants of Christ.  Do you know what a bondservant is…let’s see: a slave; one who is bound to service without wages. 

Exodus 21:1-6   1 “These are the laws you are to set before them:

 2 “If you buy a Hebrew servant, he is to serve you for six years. But in the seventh year, he shall go free, without paying anything. 3 If he comes alone, he is to go free alone; but if he has a wife when he comes, she is to go with him. 4 If his master gives him a wife and she bears him sons or daughters, the woman and her children shall belong to her master, and only the man shall go free.

 5 “But if the servant declares, ‘I love my master and my wife and children and do not want to go free,’ 6 then his master must take him before the judges. [a] He shall take him to the door or the doorpost and pierce his ear with an awl. Then he will be his servant for life.

As I see it, there are two “Christian” visions that compete: 1) the traditional church with its structures, programs, and leadership; and 2) the Biblical commands of Christ to go to the lost, make disciples, baptize those who believe, and teach them to observe Christ’s commandments. To me these are two worlds colliding, I’m not saying that structures, programs, are wrong, but this is what many churches base everything on without Christ being the center of the church. Maybe to some they are one and the same, but what I am learning is that they are different cultures. We SAY that our churches are about reaching the lost, but when it comes right down to it, they are following a “churchianity (reminds me of have my pastor might put it/not that he did) vision where the real goal is to get people to GO TO CHURCH especially those that are like the ones that are already in the church…not truly the lost…the messy people…the drug addicts…the alcoholics…the….you get it. I know, most churches would frown on such people walking in the church in this condition, this was said to someone in my family just yesterday.  Would you let them sit next to you in the pew?  So is your church actually here for #2, to go to the lost, make disciples and baptize those who believe.  Christ’s commands and vision is that His Church GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES of the nations.

So with all that in mind, yes, the church I attend meets in a movie theater (Crosspoint Community Church) which I have mentioned many times in my blog, we worship to a cool band that sometimes play secular music and video bumpers to make a realistic life situation point.  The church does what it can to reach the lost in a very different way than your traditional church.  Our pastor preaches or should I say God speaks through our pastor in a way that those who do not know Christ as their Savior can relate to what is being said.  My children, since attending Crosspoint have been able to tell me that they actually knew what our Pastor was talking about.  Do you think a person that has no idea who Jesus is can understand the King James Version of the bible?  Well, this would be the same as that same person walking into a church where the pastor uses all those Thou’s and Therefore’s …will they get it…probably not!  So don’t go slamming the church I attend or anyone else attends…until you know for a fact that you are so biblically correct you can confess that to GOD!

The way I grasp the vision for our church is NOT trying to reform believers who have spent years in traditional church settings.  I see Crosspoint as being the church that is bringing non believers off the street and into the homes via live streaming internet to hear the words of Jesus Christ and the words of HOPE to those that have messy lives. I see the real key as starting with the NEW BELIEVERS who are being won through Crosspoints Ministry and then discipled.  They don’t have to clean up their lives before they start attending church. They are the future, not those sitting in church pews.   

The church can “talk the talk” all it wants, but few of them actually (I didn’t say all) “walk the walk” and DO what Christ said.  There is so much a conflict of visions in our Churches today!  Get your thoughts about other Churches out of the center of the Church and FOCUS on the vision that GOD has set before us!

This is what Crosspoint does and it with JESUS “is” going to make an impact in our community the surrounding areas and the WORLD…so get off your high fluting church skirts and become a part of spreading the Good News of Christ to the hurting people in the world!  People are going to HELL everyday and we are sitting on our butts talking about other Churches.

Join together as Churches for this cause of winning the world to Christ.  We are doing a series call ReThink!  Let us all ReThink everything in our lives for the cause of the Kingdom! 

God Bless! 


10 Responses to “God Said, The Church and The Christian Will be Persecuted…Why do Christians Persecute The Other Church and Other Christians?”

  1. Heather Lawson Says:

    Go Lynn!!! I love it!! You are so right, sister!

    Love you,

  2. pttyann Says:

    You Go Girl!!! They just mad & guilty,don’t let them change you not 1 bit,for you are walking in God’s will and so are your family members otherwise why are the Arrows flying.You know God is using your church to draw in people like you said,some want even sit with and to go even farther want even speak to.I thank God for the outright “Boldness” of your Pastor,trust me if I lived near by I would be right there in the Movie Theater Church with all the other members “Bent” on doing it God’s way.And yes Rethinking is a good idea for us all,for we need to be about doing our Fathers business!! Keep up the good work the devil can’t handle you-you are Blood Covered.
    Love Ya Sista

  3. Nancey Says:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!! You put it out there in the language maybe all can understand. God put those words on your blog for a reason and I hope they get the point. We were put on this earth to be disciples of Jesus and win other souls to Christ. I am in the church that is going to do that. I am so happy that I am going to a Movie Theater so I can feel comfortable and have God’s message burnt in my mind instead of wondering all over the place. It is so good there that you want to stay for both services. See how GREAT our GOD is when you have a Pastor that brings God’s words that make you want to stay and hear it again. Our Pastor is the greatest.

    Love ya lots,

  4. Paige Says:

    Speak it, sister! I am in the same boat with you. I never knew I’d have to leave “traditional” church to really understand what it’s really supposed to be about. I am finding myself more and more these days telling people about Crosspoint, and I am so excited. Some look at me like I am crazy. But it has sparked some interesting conversations with some.

    And why do people judge something they’ve never experienced??? I’d say, don’t call it anything until you’ve experienced it.

    I bet I cried every time the first three months we were at Crosspoint. It has been the most freeing thing for me since my precious Jesus saved my life.

    I say, bring it on! And…rock on!!!!


  5. Jessica Says:

    I love it! And I love you!
    You Go Girl!
    Praise God for your heart and your mind and your willingness to speak up for what He puts inside of you!

  6. Steve Orris Says:

    Disclaimer: I have never attended Crosspoint. (I would love to visit but it’s a bit of a drive.)

    I will say this. Your type of church has a wonderful, awesome place in God’s plan. People will come to God through your church that would never get saved anywhere else. (That said, do not think that your style of church is superior to another. That is idolatry.) I have been involved in a Willow Creek style church as well as a couple different types of traditional churches. I have spent half my life in the sound booth of those very different churches. Style of programing means very little, environment means very little, decorations mean very little, refreshments mean very little, versions of the Bible mean very little, Compared To This: All men will know you are my disciples if you have love for one another.

    The last church I left was destroyed by a pastor trying to do what your type of church has done. He was implementing changes without loving the people within his flock. While attempting to ‘get more sheep’ (my term) he was treating the sheep he already had as wolfs to be destroyed and scattered so that ‘progress’ could be made. He Imagined Falsely that some people were hindering the growth of the church by being there. I was one of them. The way he treated me to get me to leave was very unbiblical. I’ll stop there.

    (This is not directed at any one group or church but at all Christians.)>>>

    This I know. Through reading and through personal experience one of the best ways to grow a church is to sincerely care about the visitors who come. It’s nice if the pastor cares. But if you as lay people do not become the friend of the visitor the church will not grow.

    1) Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
    2) Love others as yourself.

    • lynnpittman Says:

      Hey Steve,

      I understand your point that you made on my blog that our church should not feel superior to another. I very much know that this is idolatry. I attended a church that pushed my family out only to seem to get to the original click of the church and not only my family! They are very much persecuting the church that I attend now and everyone in my family. When I left that church and God lead me to Crosspoint I never dreamed of how I actually could make a difference in a lost persons life…and what I was really here on this earth for. Crosspoint (our pastor through God’s leading) has helped me to understand that it is not about the saved…Jesus didn’t come for the healthy, He came for the sick! We as christians need to be beating the highways dragging people into church. There are so many people in the world today that look at churches as being hypocritical. I said in my blog that I wasn’t talking about every church…but you know there are many. Our church DOES NOT think that we are superior to any church! We are just submitting to what God called us to do! Do you not think it’s ok…to have refreshments to those that may walk in and have not had any food for several days…this is not for the Christian…anything we do at Crosspoint is for the Unsaved…lost….hopeless…alcoholic….drug addict! They need the atmosphere to make them feel as welcome in our church as we can possibly make them feel. The volunteers in our church ROCK…I have never seen anything like it…it’s not about us! The things that we do at our church are pictures of the Word…Truth! But Steve I remind you we are no where close to saying we are Superior to any other church. I also said in my blog that all churches need to be working together…get other churches out of their focus of what they are doing…(like calling other churches cults, etc) and put JESUS as their main focus!
      Thank you for your comment!
      God Bless You!

  7. Steve Orris Says:


    My friend, I’m not sure how I came across but I am not disagreeing with anything you have said. I mentioned my last church and the pastor there. He was not right. He has some personality disorders or some mental issues to deal with. He was doing the right things (usually) but doing them in the wrong way. I never meant to imply that your type of church is “wrong”. My dad started a church like yours, I loved it. It’s doing well to this day. The problem I had was only with one particular pastor who unfortunately did some very bad things, hurt a lot of people, and dispersed many good Christians who would have backed him up and built the church stronger if he had done things the Biblical way. I hope this is a rare example.

    Is atmosphere important? Yes. Our church had ‘atmosphere”. But the pastor did not have love for the church. That was the problem. I am glad your pastor is different.

    God bless you and your church.

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